Rules and Regulations

Section A

1 – Overtaking:

  • 1.1 – ‘Bumping’ cars in the braking zone is not permitted.
  • 1.2 – Overtaking a Driver by leaving the track is not permitted, and the position must be returned.

2 – Defending:

  • 2.1 – Any driver moving back towards the racing line, having earlier defended his position off‐line, must leave at least one car width between his own car and the edge of the track on the approach to the corner.
  • 2.2 – Manoeuvres liable to hinder other drivers, such as deliberate ‘crowding’ of a car beyond the edge of the track or any other abnormal change of direction, are not permitted.
  • 2.3 – Leaving the track to defend a position is not permitted, and the position must be forfeited.

3 – Clean Racing:

  • 3.1 – If you are responsible for causing a collision, you must slow down and let the affected car(s) in front of you on track safely.
  • 3.2 – Causing damage to another car without intention will be investigated if appealed.

NB: The penalty applied is at the Stewards discretion and at maximum, will be 10 seconds.

4 – Qualifying:

  • 4.1 – Impeding a Driver on a ‘Flying Lap’ is not permitted.

5 – Spatial Awareness:

  • 5.1 – Rejoining the track at any time must be completed in a safe manner.
  • 5.2 – In situations where Drivers are not at racing speed, such as a Safety Car, VSC or Formation Lap, overtaking is not permitted.

NB: It is the Driver’s responsibility to maintain a reasonable gap to the car in front. Cars may have to brake at unusual spots and it is advised you remain vigilant. Damaging your own front wing will be your fault.

  • 5.3 – Driving slowly to block the pitlane entry or exit is not permitted.

6 – Being Lapped:

  • 6.1  – If you are ‘lap-down’, you must let cars on the lead lap past at the earliest opportunity, without hindering them in any way.
  • 6.2 – Do not attempt an overtake on a car that is on the lead lap to ‘un-lap’ yourself.

7 – Formation Lap​

  • 7.1 – Causing a collision with another driver on the formation lap is not permitted.

Section B

1 Overtaking:

  • 1.1 – If contact occurs due to a late-braking maneuver and/or you force another driver off the track, you must return the position to that driver.

NB: If the position is returned, but damage is inflicted, then Rule A.3.2 can be enforced.

2 Defending:

  • 2.1 – When defending, excessive weaving and blocking is not allowed.
  • 2.2 – When defending, you are allowed a maximum of one change of direction only.
  • 2.3 – No changes of direction can be made in the braking zone of a corner whilst defending.

3 General Codes of Practice:

  • 3.1 – Causing damage to another car by accelerating at an unreasonably or unexpectedly slower rate than normal is not permitted.
  • 3.2 – Causing damage to another car by braking at an unreasonably or unexpectedly earlier time is not permitted.
  • 3.3 – Hitting another car at speed due to misjudging a braking point is not permitted.
  • 3.4 – Driving backwards or in the wrong direction on the circuit itself is not permitted.
  • 3.5 – ‘Doughnuts’ are not permitted at any time.

4 Clean Racing:

  • 4.1 – Causing terminal damage to another car without intention will be investigated if appealed. However, the penalty applied is at the Stewards discretion.

NB: The maximum penalty is a Race Ban.

  • 4.2 – Forcing Drivers off onto Grass/Gravel or into a wall is not acceptable under any circumstances.

Section C

1 – Missing Races:

  • 1.1 – The League attendance cap is 80%. Dropping below this will result (at the Staff’s discretion) in you being demoted to a Reserve Driver.
  • 1.2 – If there is a clear, valid reason as to why you cannot race, then your absence will not affect your attendance. A member of Staff must be notified.

2 – Racing in the League (Discord Rules):

  • 2.1 – Drivers must have similar Steam and Discord names when racing.
  • 2.2 – If you are given a penalty from the in-game penalty system that you disagree with, carry on racing as normal and appeal the penalty after the race. Clear video evidence must be produced for a successful appeal. Your personal race director will also help your appeal.
  • 2.3 – NSFW content is not permitted anywhere within the discord server.
  • 2.4 – You cannot make appeals against drivers that didn’t affect your session personally.
  • 2.5 – Advertising in our discord is not permitted.
  • 2.6 – If you are notified by the Staff that your car is lagging, you will not be permitted to race.
  • 2.7 – Getting another driver to race instead of yourself is not allowed under any circumstances.
  • 2.8 – Racing under the name of another driver is not permitted under any circumstances.

3 – Classification

  • 3.1 – Cars having covered less than 90% of the number of laps covered by the winner (rounded down to the nearest whole number of laps), will not be classified.

4 – Responsibility

  • 4.1 – Failure to take a qualifying ban will result in a disqualification for that event and also liable to further action at the Staff’s discretion.
  • 4.2 – Failure to take a race ban will result in your position in the league to be looked over.
  • 4.3 – It is the Driver’s responsibility to follow up on any updates to the rules or regulations.
  • 4.4 – It is the Driver’s responsibility to check the Steward’s Verdict published after each race and to act upon any penalties that have been awarded to themselves.

5 – Race Start Procedure

  • 5.1 – If the lobby has not started by 7:30 BST, then the race will be postponed to the week after that.

If qualifying has taken place, then the grid will be the same as the qualifying from the week before.

  • 5.2 – In the event of an aborted race start, Drivers in the top 10 must start the race on the same type of tyres as used in Qualifying.

Failure to comply with this regulation will incur a 10 second penalty and 1 Penalty Point

6 – Pausing the Game and AI:

  • 6.1 – You are responsible for what your AI car does if you decide to leave or pause the game.
  • 6.2 – Pausing the game to let the AI car complete the race for you is not permitted, consequently, you will be disqualified.
  • 6.3 – Pausing the game and gaining an advantage is not permitted, the advantage must be given up or is liable to be penalised at the Steward’s Discretion.​
  • 6.4 – If a disconnection occurs after 90% distance is reached, the driver will be allowed to finish in the position of their AI car.

7 – General Codes of Practice:

  • 7.1 – Drivers must make every reasonable effort to use the track at all times and may not deliberately leave the track without a justifiable reason.
  • 7.2 – If the game fails to award a 5 second penalty for an illegal overtake under yellow flag, then we will apply it instead.

8 Deliberate Moves:

  • 8.1 – Deliberately crashing your car (including into another driver) will result in your position in the league to be looked over.​

9 Staff:

  • 9.1 – The Staff reserve the right to decide what action (if any) to take if a rule in Section C is broken.

10 – Corner Exit Rights​

Firstly, a reminder that League Racing is for fun, and that Drivers should always respect one another on and off track.

The following servers merely as a guide as to what is/isn’t acceptable on track, but each situation is different.

Pushing people off track is not advised, and you can still have penalties brought against you for it.

10.1 – If two cars are contesting a corner exit, a car that is significantly ahead has the ability to dictate the line.

NB: This includes taking the ‘natural racing line’ and the ability to ‘open the line’.

A car that is significantly behind has the responsibility to ‘back-out’ and avoid contact with the driver ahead.

  • 10.2 – If two cars are alongside, with neither significantly ahead of one another, then both cars have equal corner rights, and racing room must be left by both cars.
  • 10.3 – Please use the button for a greater explanation

Please also check the definitions below.

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1 – Note on Steward’s Responsibility:

  • 1.1 – The Stewards will endeavour to deliver consistent rulings.

The Stewards Verdict may be challenged (with solid argument) after they’re delivered.

​Our penalty awarding guide is as follows:

Official Warning – No points – Very Minor Incident.

A 3 Second Time Penalty is available and 1 Penalty Point may be awarded for a Minor Incident.

A 3, 5 or 10 Second Time Penalty is available and/or 2 or 3 Points may be awarded for a Section A Rule Break.

A 10 or 20 Second Time Penalty is available and/or 4 to 6 Points may be awarded for a Section B Rule Break.

  • 1.2 – If a driver is given a penalty and they retire from the race they were given the aforementioned penalty, then the penalty will be carried to the next race.​
  • 1.3 – If a driver is given a penalty and they finished the race they were given the aforementioned penalty, then the penalty will apply to the same race.
  • 1.4 – If a driver accumulates 5 PPs, they will be forced to serve a qualifying ban for their next race.
  • 1.5 – Accumulating 10 PPs will result in a Race Ban for the next event. After a driver takes a race ban, 10 PPs will be removed from their licence.
  • 1.6 – Only 1 penalty can be applied per incident.

2 – Definitions

  • 2.1 – Drivers will be judged to have left the track if no part of the car remains in contact with it and, for the avoidance of doubt, any white lines defining the track edges are considered to be part of the track but the kerbs are not.
  • 2.2 – A car will be deemed ‘alongside’ another car if they have their front tyres within the rear tyres of the car in front.
  • 2.3 – A car will be deemed ‘significantly ahead’ of another car if their exists more than three quarters of a car’s length between them.

3 – Making Appeals​​

  • 3.1 – Appeals should be made in the correct format, as detailed in the discord.
  • 3.2 – If you are making appeals, such as those of nature mentioned in C.2.2, or similar: The Race Director will be crucial evidence in determining whether we can remove a penalty or not.

Failure to produce the Race Director will likely result in your appeal being unsuccessful.