A rainy and Windy Austria

After an impressive race from Windy last time out in France, the MouseOne Pro League headed to Austria. Qualifying proved a challenge for the drivers as a lot of rain fell upon the circuit. Drivers were forced to use the blue-wall wet tyres for the first half of qualifying, and set-ups had to be considered for both qualifying and the race, which was forecast to hold changeable conditions throughout the entirety of the race.

Drivers began to set times on the wet tyres as Windy took provisional pole, however that didn’t last as lap times tumbled due to the standing water moving away, meaning drivers could begin to set their times on intermediate tyres. An enthralling end to the session saw Haze take pole position from Windy by only one thousandth of a second with a 1:11.911, with Spicey in P2 and Johan Enberg in P3, a race after his qualifying ban.

A dry start to the race saw split strategies across the grid, with some drivers opting for the harder soft tyre, whilst others went for the supersofts. A hectic lap one saw a good start from Windy, jumping Haze in to turn one, but that was just the beginning of a bad start for Haze as contact from Johan Enberg saw the Renault driver spin out and off the track on the exit of the corner. This wasn’t it though, as Thyge and Jensen make contact in to turn one, causing the latter to spin on the exit of turn one, causing havoc for the rest of the grid. This saw R4nce and Brawli get caught in the crash, yet none of them retired.

Windy managed to run away from the rest of the field, creating a gap of 2 seconds before the first lap had ended. Haze found himself in P7 and was eager to cut through the field and regain time and positions after what had happened at the start.

Dragonarium dived in to the pits at the end of lap one, along with Woty, Brawli and a limping R4nce, after all of them were caught up in lap one collisions, forcing them to repair their cars. Haze breezed past Spicey who was struggling on the opening laps, as GetOwned capitalised on this, moving himself up ahead of the Ferrari driver.

Lap 2 saw a brilliant battle between Thyge and Haze, with Thyge holding Haze back with brilliant moves. Yeltnebamus fell back in to the battle, as Thyge breezed past the Toro Rosso on before turn 3, however Haze could not do the same. Haze had to wait until lap 5 to overtake Yeltnebamus to move up in to P5.

A huge train of eight drivers from P2 to P9 saw many of the drivers trading positions for the majority of the early stage of the race. It took until lap 10 for Haze to make his way through this train and regaining P2, with a 7 second gap to Windy in P1.

As the clouds drew in, rain began to pour on lap 13, with the first drivers pitting to intermediate tyres on the end of lap 14. The following lap saw another six drivers head in to the pits, with the remaining few drivers pitting on lap 16. The next few laps were all about getting used to the unpredictable conditions for the drivers.

Lap 17 saw the first retirement of the race, with Sever making a mistake in the challenging conditions. The drivers began to get used to the wet conditions, with Windy extending his lead to 10 seconds to championship leader Haze. A mistake from Dragonarium almost saw him lock up in to Duxy, however he avoided the Mercedes car just in time, however he tapped the wall in doing so, causing him a small amount of front wing damage.

Eiersmijter was the first driver to pit on to wet tyres on lap 22, sending him to the back of the grid. TNMO was the second retirement on lap 24 after making a mistake in the now full-wet conditions. The following lap saw R4nce retire after a difficult race for him as he was unable to recover from the lap 1 incident.

GetOwned and Jensen were the next drivers to pit on to the full-wet tyres on lap 26 with just over 10 laps to go. Brogan spun on the following lap, causing him to retire. This planted thoughts in to the drivers’ heads as they were now unsure whether it was safe on the intermediate tyres anymore, as the wets seemed to be a better compound at this late stage of the grand prix.

Eiersmijter was the next to get caught out in the now monsoon conditions on lap 30. The final retirement came on the penultimate lap with a colossal crash from Yeltnebamus.

Windy dominated the entire race and took home his second victory in a row, with a commanding lead of 18 seconds to Haze in P2, who also had an amazing race considering the lap one crash he was involved in. Johan Enberg rounded off the top three with his first podium of the season. Spicey’s fourth place finish wasn’t enough to keep second from Windy in the driver’s championship.

Next time out it’s the British Grand Prix, home to many of the field. With a rampant Windy closing in on Haze on the championship, and many drivers hoping to climb up the table, who knows who will come out on top next week in the MouseOne Pro League.

Wet and Windy

It was an insane race of close battles and calculated overtakes last time out in Canada for the Mouseone Racing Pro League where Spicey took his first victory of the season. This time around, we head back to Europe and arrive in France at the latest addition to the calendar, Circuit Paul Ricard.

A dry qualifying saw championship leader Haze take provisional pole after some intense laps. A lot of the drivers got their laps invalidated due to how easy it was to run wide and track extend. A last-minute lap saw Haze take his fifth pole of the season with a 1:28.887 on the ultrasoft tyres, over half a second quicker than Meester in P2. BonelessCigar, Spicey, Getowned and Thyge managed to qualify in the top ten on the supersoft tyres, giving them a strategic advantage for the race ahead. Johan Enberg did not set a lap time in qualifying due to being awarded a qualifying ban after his recent actions were enough for him to be penalised by the stewards.

The beginning of the race saw carnage in the midfield as the Haas of Eiersmijer spun off on the exit of turn 2. The top three stayed out of trouble and held their positions after the first few corners however, GetOwned was quick to make positions as he got himself up 4 places on lap 1. Haze was quick to escape from the rest of the field and built up a gap of over a second on just the first lap. After all the bumps at the beginning it was only Wotmaster who was forced into the pits.  

ViolentSempai was the next driver to pit on the following lap to repair his front wing damage after contact on lap 2. Haze was the first of the front-runners to pit on lap 5 onto a new set of soft tyres, with most of the remaining ultrasoft runners pitting on lap 6. The first retirement was the Toro Rosso of Wotmaster on lap 7 after an incident caused him to retire. Drivers were struggling to cut through the field as the front-runners were unable to get back up to where they were before they pitted, however there was still a lot of battling going on throughout the field.

Suddenly, as the clouds drew in, rain began to pour on lap 14 which saw Windy emerge as the new leader after stretching out his first stint long enough for him to not have to make a pit stop whilst it was dry. Getowned also made a similar strategy work taking him up to P2. Sever stayed out on the supersofts but that was a big mistake as he was locking up and going wide everywhere, eventually locking up and swiping Duxy off the track.

Sever eventually gave up and retired on lap 16. Duxy also retired a lap later due to the damage caused by the incident with Sever. Klauuiii was forced to pit on lap 17 after sustaining a lot of front wing damage as the Toro Rosso driver continued to struggle in the challenging conditions. Lap 25 saw the retirement of Brogan after an incident with Klauuiii, with the latter being the final retirement of the race on the final lap.

Windy took his third victory of the season, finishing 13 seconds ahead of Haze who extends his gap at the top of the championship to 38 points ahead of Spicey. Getowned rounded off the podium in P3, finishing just under a second behind Haze. Meester’s P4 was enough to see him take advantage of Yeltnebamus’ absence, taking fifth place in the standings.

Next time in the MouseOne Pro League in Austria, Haze will be looking to extend his commanding lead at the top of the championship but who knows what the rest of the pack are capable of.

A Certain Shade of Red

Normality has resumed for the MouseOne Racing Pro League, as the issues of Monaco over the past two weeks have been solved and in theend we had a great race with Yeltnebamus and Haze battling for thelead for the entirely of the race, with Yeltnebamus taking the victory in the prestigious streets of Monaco.

Qualifying was very similar to the Dev League, as the session started with rain. Haze took provisional pole position on the intermediate tyres, but with 8 minutes left in the session, the track began to dry. Everyone was quick to set a time on the dry tyres to make sure they would not be caught out in the changeable conditions yet 6 people were yet to set a lap until the last few minutes of the session. With the track evolving second by second, the last few minutes of the session would decide who gets pole position. A stunning lap of a 1:08.014 from Haze saw him get his fourth pole position of the season in just 7 races on the hypersoft tyres. BonelessCigar took P2 with a time of a 1:08.469, which was the exact same time that R4nce got, who did a very good time on the ultrasoft tyres, however Boneless finished his lap first, giving him the advantage, but this became irrelevant as Boneless got a five place grid penalty for a collision earlier in the session.

A relatively clean turn one saw no major collisions, but a few corners later saw our first retirement, as Dragonarium lost it on the exit of turn 8, slamming his car into the wall. It was lucky that no one else crashed into him as his car ghosted across the track. Sever gained two positions on lap one, putting himself in P4. The top three stayed the same as they were all seeking a safe lap one, taking no major risks. There was also no lap one pitstops, showing how clean the drivers are in the Pro League.

BonelessCigar and Brogan were the first drivers to pit on the end of lap 4, as they were looking for an undercut. ViolentSempai was soon to follow on the next lap. Time penalties began to creep in on lap 8 as a lot of the drivers were struggling to stay within the track limits, which are very harsh around Canada. Lap 9 saw Johan Engberg spin on worn hypersoft tyres, and a lot of drivers pitted on that lap to make surethey wouldn’t make a similar mistake. There was a split decision between the drivers on whether to go on the supersoft tyres or the ultrasofts, meaning there was a lot of variety in strategies, mixing up the order. R4nce took the lead as Haze pit as the Sauber driver started on the ultrasofts, meaning he will only have to pit once.

ViolentSempai strangely had what looked like a brake failure on his end which meant he drove straight in to the wall at the hairpin before the long straight on Lap 14. Lap 14 was also the beginning of the second wave of pit stops, as it was time for the drivers who started on theultrasofts to pit. This saw race leader R4nce pit, along with Sever and GetOwned. The grid was mainly in groups of at least 3 drivers, meaning there was a lot of battling going on during the middle of therace as the one-stoppers began to cut their ways through the field onfresher tyres than the people around them. Lap 19 saw a huge battle of 4 cars from sixth to ninth until Duxy pit at the end of the lap, but people were beginning to make risky moves to gain an advantage on their rivals.

Yeltnebamus wasn’t having a great race after being caught in a bit of trouble early on the race, meaning he was not able to repeat his great performance that he did in Monaco. Brawli was one of the last drivers to pit on lap 21 to ultrasoft tyres, giving him a pace advantage on the rest of the field. Both the Williams drivers of Windy and Jensen pit late on lap 25, with just 10 laps to go. Brawli’s pitstop meant he was able to make up three positions, getting up to fifth position. Jensen crashed late on in the race on lap 30, becoming the third DNF of the race. Klauuiii also retired after suffering front wing damage on Lap 34, but on the last corner of the last lap, BonelessCigar crashed his Red Bull into the wall of champions from P6, costing him 8 points which could be vital come the end of the season.

After many battles, overtakes and penalties it was Haze who finished first on track, however after receiving 12 seconds of penalties it was Spicey who was granted first place and GetOwned in second, with Haze’s Renault in third. R4nce finished P4 and was unable to capitalise on his one-stop strategy. Brawli’s great strategy and a net position gain of 10 places saw him earn driver of the race after finishing P5. The gap at the top of the table has closed down to 26 points between first place Haze and in-form Spicey. GetOwned’s second place finish saw him earn his first podium of the season, meaning he moved above Brawli and into P7 in the championship. Ferrari takes the lead of the constructor’s championship as they now lead the way by 31 points to Renault, who were level on points with them coming into the race.

Canada will be arace to remember in the MouseOne Racing League, as the race displayedgreat racing by the drivers and very exciting battles. Next week will be France, which will be the eighth race of the season. No one knows who will win in the technical track of the Circuit Paul Ricard in LeCastellet.

A Long-Awaited Victory

Last time out in MouseOne’s Pro League, Monaco things did not go to plan, as the race was full of glitches that were out of our hands, resulting in a postponement of the race to the following week. After the first 5 races it was clear to see who the main title contenders would be, as Haze, Spicey, TIJ and Windy were one step ahead of everyone else as they all have multiple podiums to their name. Haze was leading the championship by an astonishing 30 points after just 5 races coming in to this race, meaning it was impossible for anyone to overtake him for first place in the championship this race at the streets of Monaco.

Qualifying carried over from last week, meaning it was Haze who took pole with an outstanding time of a 1:08.218, over 3 tenths ahead of Windy who joined Haze on the front row. Yeltnebamus qualified P3 and Dragonarium did a great job to qualify P4 on the grid in his first M1 race since Australia. Everyone in the top 10, bar TIJ,  qualified on the hypersoft tyres, the softest compound of the race weekend, meaning everyone outside the op 10 had a much better choice of strategy as they could avoid the fast-degrading tyres.

Everyone was going in to lap 1 hoping to gain as many positions as possible as track position is very important around Monaco. A controversial start saw JRocks, Lolerz, Wotmaster, windy and Spicey all get drive through penalties for jumping the start. Renault’s Haze retained P1 by the end of lap one with Windy and Yeltnebamus also staying in second and third place respectively. Midway through the first lap, Damanic, GetOwned and Eiersmijter all collided, resulting in a triple retirement and a colossal crash. The end of lap 1 saw 10 of the remaining 15 drivers pitting for new front wings, leaving BonelessCigar to gain 11 places in only one lap after staying out of trouble. Dragonarium’s first race back saw an early end as he crashed on Lap 2, becoming the 4th retirement in just 2 laps, proving how costly just one small error is around Monaco. JRocks made his second pit stop of the race on lap 2, leaving him with a lot of work to do to have any chance of getting back in the top 10 on his last race in the M1 Pro League.

At the end of lap three, the 5 drivers who jumped the start made their drive through penalties as Haze was setting fastest lap after fastest lap. Windy was the first driver of the front three to pit from an old set of hypersofts. After exiting the pits, Windy found himself on the back of his Williams team mate Wotmaster, and they almost collided as Wotmaster lost the rear end of the car on the exit of the final corner. Spicey was the second of the front pack to pit on lap 9, causing both Haze and Yeltnebamus to pit on the next lap to prevent any chance of an undercut. However, Haze needed a front wing change meaning the Toro Rosso of Yeltnebamus was able to jump him in the pit lane to take the lead of the race. Lap 14 saw the retirement of TIJ as he was struggling for a while on his set of tyres. On the same lap, Red Bull’s BonelessCigar made his one and only pit stop, re-joining in seventh place.

R4nce found himself third after BonelessCigar’s pitstop, but by the end of lap 20, he found himself defending against the two Ferrari’s of Spicey and Meester, in fourth and fifth respectively. The battle heated up with Windy closing in on the battle for third by roughly two seconds per lap. Duxyb retired after a quiet race on lap 24. Meanwhile, JRocks and Lolerz were battling each other throughout the race for the last time in the M1 Pro League, as Dev League drivers will no longer be allowed to race in the Pro League. Also, Haze was trying everything he could to overtake Yeltnebamus to regain a much-needed lead as Haze was handed a three second time penalty for corner cutting. On Lap 33 of 39 the battle for third came to an end as R4cne was finally overtaken by Spicey, Windy and Meester, all within the space of a few corners, albeit with a little bit of contact involved and a damaged front wing and a spin at the end of it all at the chicane. This left R4nce with no choice but to make a late pitstop to fix his Sauber.

As the race drew to a close, Haze was unable to overtake Yeltnebamus, even though he was always around a second behind first place. Controversially, JRocks spun on the final corner and decided to drive backwards in to the pits to repair his front wing, however, no one was nearby so it was deemed safe by the stewards.

Yeltnebamus won the race after fending off Haze who took things very cautiously towards the end, allowing the gap to reach over 11 seconds by the end of the Grand Prix. Spicey rounded off the podium with a very good P3 finish yet was still over one minute behind Yeltnebamus’ Toro Rosso. Meester and BonelessCigar had a very strong race cutting their ways through the field, gaining 13 and 10 places respectively. R4nce set the fastest lap of the race with a 1:10.635 after his late pit stop and driver of the race went to the race winner Yeltnebamus after a stellar performance, keeping championship leader Haze behind for so long.

After taking the full 25 points, Yeltnebamus gained one place in the championship to move up to fifth. BonelessCigar’s sixth place was enough to see him move up three places to ninth in the championship. Haze opened up his championship lead by 3 points to 36 points.

Next time, the MouseOne Pro League drivers head to Canada where the seventh round of the championship will take place. After an eventful Monaco, who knows what will occur next time.

Run-away Runner?

Round three of the mouseOne RL arrived in Shanghai for the Chinese Grand Prix.

After the Bahrain Grand Prix, HaZe had already developed a strong lead of 14 points after a disappointing finish from rival Windy. Both drivers looked to push on in this early stage of the championship, however, both hit issues in qualifying, meaning that the current championship leader only started 14th whilst Windy could only manage 16th. Was this an intentional strategy? Who knows, but Thyge also seemed to have a similar idea, starting in 13th. Meanwhile, at the front, Yeltnebamus took his first pole position of his career, after 16 race starts. Sever lined up alongside in an impressive second, whilst reserve dUxyb qualified third.

After lights out, Turn 1 was carnage – Sever tagged Yeltne, sending the polesitter into 6th, the former remaining undamaged, and took the lead.

Meester promoted himself from 6th to 3rd, and reserve Jrocks rose from 9th to 5th on the first lap. It had also become clear that Windy was having issues, and so he retired before completing a lap.
Meester put a move on Klauuii for 2nd on lap 2, whilst Sever stretched the gap to over 2.5 seconds.

The lead didn’t last long however, the Haas driver spun at T8 on lap 3, and ultimately retired from the race – a blunder it must be said considering both title leaders were out of position. So Meester assumed the lead, allowing Jrocks to move up to third, and Thyge was now into 4th – the first of the soft-tyre runners! Then, just a lap later, Meester suffered a spin, gifting the lead to Klauuii, a rookie mistake for such a veteran driver. 

Jrocks made an earlier stop – showing his hand for the two stop, and so Thyge was now in the lead, by merit, on Lap 5! Lurking not far behind however, was HaZe, who was having a quiet race currently, and had progressed to 6th.

The remaining of the US runners came in soon after, and it was clear that they were going to be out-of-contention for the win, the one stop clearly showing it’s power.

So the fight for the lead was left to HaZe and Thyge, the former trailing by around 5 seconds. The pair finally made stops on laps 11 and 12, Thyge opting to stop first. Despite the undercut, HaZe had made serious inroads into the lead, and the deficit was less than 2 seconds.

Lap 15 and the gap was under a second, the DRS would be in use. Thyge put up a mighty defence, and managed to repel the Renault driver for 4 laps, but the pilot of the number 22 car finally made a successful overtake into T4 on lap 19. After this, the Sauber driver could offer no response, and the win looked inevitable for HaZe.

Much further behind, Meester enacted another recovery drive to round out the podium and an impressive showing from Rance place him into 4th. Other notable finishers were GetOwned in 6th, Boneless in 8th and Eiersmijter in 9th, all scoring their first points of the season.

So HaZe extends his lead to a huge 31 points, and is now 3 points ahead of where Dragonarium was the same time last season. Does HaZe really have one hand on the Championship after just 3 races? It’s a long way to go still, and with the Baku Street Circuit next on the calendar, just about anything can happen. Join our coverage on twitch at 7pm Friday BST.

Lights out for Season 2!

Round One for the m1RL S2 kicked off at Albert Park for the Australian Grand Prix. The start of the season has been long awaited and expectations for every driver was high. With such a competitive field, it was no surprise to see a full house of drivers for the race.

Qualifying was not without incidents. Gibbey and Eiersmijter encountered glitches – the latter not even being able to take the grid. Meanwhile, upfront, Windy was setting the timing screens alight, ultimately delivering a 1:19.367. HaZe completed the front row, 2 tenths behind the polesitter. Third to eighth were covered by just over 2 tenths!

Windy and HaZe got off the line cleanly, but behind was messy, with clashes happening up and down the field – many drivers taking to the grass on the outside of T1. Thyge, Rosboos and Spicey all dropped back before the VSC was deployed. 

After the VSC restart, more frantic action took place in the midfield resulting in (surprisingly) Dragonarium emerging in third, whilst 8 cars pitted including Spicey and Klauuii with a further 4 cars pitting on lap 2 including Meester and Yeltnebamus!

Thyge was hustling Dragonarium for P3, but dropped the car on lap 5, spinning at the T3 hairpin, dropping to 7th place and causing Rosboos to lose time and front-wing endplates.

The normal pitstop window arrived on lap 8 for the survivors, and HaZe seized his opportunity to attack the leader. Their fight allowed Dragonarium to close right up, making it a three-way-fight. Dragonarium stayed out an extra lap, looking for an overcut – and it nearly worked! He exited the pitlane ahead of Windy, but eventually succumbed to the cold tyres, and was re-passed around the outside for 2nd.

Windy now had the bit between his teeth with 2.3 seconds gap to leader in effect. Lap 23 rolled around and so did the Sauber of Rance, losing his car and front winglets at the fast turn 5. This promoted Meester into 4th. Shortly after, Windy displaced HaZe for the lead on L25.

The action was not over there, late-race engagements were coming to completion as Klauuii ‘drifted’ his way past Brawli for 5th at the first corner on the final lap and Rance attempted a late lunge on Yeltnebamus in the final sector, but not quite being able to make it stick.

So Windy took his debut win for the league and Williams achieved their first race victory. HaZe, after many penalties only just finished ahead of Dragonarium in P3. Meester was P4 – a good recovery drive, and the first of the two-stoppers. However, his teammate Spicey didn’t have the best race, only managing 8th. JohanEngberg had a quiet race finishing 7th with Yeltnebamus and Rance closing out the top 10.

Next time it’s Bahrain – can HaZe enact a counter-punch to Windy, or will we see another winner? Make sure to tune in Friday 7pm BST on Twitch to find out!

S2 Pre-Season Race (P)


The Official Pre-Season Race for Season 2 kicked off with limited success. Windy set the pace in qualifying by over 5 tenths from Dragonarium, with the rest of the grid in close chase.

Sadly, only 13/20 drivers made it to the Pro League race, that didn’t mean the race was incident free however. With there being so many retirements, we have no indications as to who will be on top for Australia. One thing we can take away, is that the majority of the front runners cannot keep their car out of the barriers!

Dragonarium won the race by a narrow margin from Windy with the only other finishers being Gibby and GetOwned.
Role on Australia (and some clean racing hopefully!)

Season 2 Begins


With the launch of F1 2018, Season 2 of the mouseOne Racing League is upon us! After our successful debut season, and acquisition of the Online Racing Community, we’re excited to bring forth two Leagues for Season 2.
After a fair amount of shuffling in the driver market, Champion Dragonarium split with Yeltnebamus, who leaves to Toro Rosso with Klauuii. Whilst S1 runner-up, Spicey, pairs up with Meester at Ferrari. It remains to be seen what other pairings await.

S2 looks set to be one of the most competitive leagues around; with ORC Season 2 Champion, Windy, being amongst the roster. With HaZe, Brawli and GetOwned also being involved, let’s see who will kick off their season in the best way possible with victory in Melbourne.