Silverstone sees two from two

After dominating proceedings in Austria, Joshua Burns arrived in Great Britain in high spirits, hoping to stamp his authority at his home race. Impressing in wet conditions in Spielberg, he and the rest of the dev league drivers were once again met with treacherous conditions for qualifying, with intermediate tyres in use.

DaPain shot into pole position, narrowly beating Joshua Burns. After serving his race ban in Austria, Daan returned and set the third fastest time. For the start of the race, the rain had become heavier, and there wasn’t much margin between the intermediate and full wet tyre. However, all drivers opted to start on the intermediate.

Off the line, Joshua Burns shot off and took the lead into the first corner. Further back, Jakub was handed a 5-second stop-go penalty for a severe colossion with Simsbad. Pimpmauser, who served a qualifying ban, couldn’t have wished for a better start and was into P10 before the end of the first sector.

Pimpmauser found himself in P5 at the end of the second lap as Joshua Burns held of DaPain at the front. Lolerz then made a mistake at the start of lap three, and dropped three positions, finding himself in sixth place. Pimpmasuer then promoted himself into the podium positions, getting past Faz who ran wide at Turn 5.

Daan then damaged his front wing racing with lLlerz, attempting an overtaking into Copse. Out in front, Joshua Burns continued to extend his gap to DaPain, who was being reeled in by Pimpmauser. Jetamo became the first retiree from the race, which caused a virtual safety car to be deployed.

On lap 12, DaPain slipped behind Pimpmauser who got himself into second place. Jezza, Feggz and ufo soon became the latest retirements from the race as the pit stop window opened. Daan, mistermouse and Lolerz all dove into the pits amid their battle for fourth place.

Pimpmauser started to close in on Joshua Burns for the lead of the race and on lap 15, they both came into the pits while DaPain stayed out. Joshua Burns had previously received a three-second penalty but that was more than neutralised by Pimpmauser’s 5-second stop-go that he was handed after speeding in the pitlane.

DaPain pitted on the next lap and came out in third place. Daan and Lolerz where involved in an incident that sent both men down the field. Daan strate dhis recovery by passing Mario for the last points paying spot and began to once again chase down Lolerz.

Pimpmauser then closed right up onto the back of Joshua, but also collected another penalty after cutting a corner. The pair battled for much of the lap but Joshua held onto his lead, until Pimpmauser got past on the next lap. The McLaren driver then came into the pitlane as the rain eased up, but in doing so, collected another stop-go penalty for speeding.

Joshua and DaPain in first and second opted to stay out on the intermediates while much of the rest of the field pitted for softs. Pimpasuer rapidly reeled in DaPain and got past him on the final lap, but couldn’t pass Joshua on track. Pimpmauser was then dropped to third following penalties, with Dylan Krol and Faz taking fourth and fifth respectively.

Joshua Burns took his second win of the year, once again controlling the race out in front. There are now just four points separating Jrocks and Faz in the championship, while DaPain and Joshua linger close behind. 

Dominance Burns at the Red Bull Ring

After Jrocks became the first double winner last time out in France, the dev league headed to Austria with the result once again set to be unpredictable. From the get go, qualifying provided a challenge for the drivers as wet conditions fell upon the circuit. The only option was the full wet tyres, and set-ups had to be considered for the race, which would be dry for the most part.

Drivers began setting times, easing into the conditions and making sure they didn’t spin off into the barriers. As the times tumbled, it was Joshua Burns who emerged with the fastest time of a 1:14.402, with Joshu lining up alongside in P2.

The wet conditions stayed for the start of the race, however it had eased off and the intermediate tyre emerged as the optimum compound. Off the line, Joshua Burns held his lead into Turn 1 while Lolerz, who started from fourth, attacked to two Ferraris of Joshu and Jrocks. Joshu slipped behind before re-overtaking both Lolerz and his teammate into Turn 3.

Kosmicow then got involved and ran wide into Turn 4, pushing Joshu off line and allowing Lolerz and Jrocks to take P2 and P3 respectively. After all the close battling, Joshua Burns stretched his lead out to two seconds on the first lap. Dylan Krol and Tunbridge peeled into the pit lane at the end of the first lap.

Joshu found himself behind Pimpmauser as the second lap got underway. At Turn 3, Joshu attacked the new McLaren driver by diving up the inside. They remained side by side down the straight before contact was made, sending Joshu into the wall and out of the race. The Ferrari appealed the crash, and Pimpmasuer was handed a qualifying ban for Great Britain and a 10 second time penalty.

Ufo became the second driver to retire on lap 4. One lap later there was contact between Bogotac and jetamo, with the former spinning around at Turn 1. Tunbridge was the first car to fit the soft compound to his car on lap 5, however it was too early and he struggled to get around the circuit.

Pimpmauser and Faz narrowly avoided a slow moving Lolerz in the final sector, who dropped down into P5. A number of drivers came into the pits on lap 8 for dry tyres, with Jrocks switching to the softs and Feggz fitting the super softs. On the next lap, the remainder of the field decided to pit for dry tyres, with leader Joshua Burns pitting for softs.

Jrocks had to return to the pit lane one lap later to fit a new front wing. A five-way battle between Jakub, Pimpmauser, Lolerz, Illumi and Mario then ensued, with the drivers trading positions many times over the course of the battle. Faz, who was on the ultra soft tyre, caught up and found his way into P3 but he was sure to pit again.

Feggz overtook Mario on lap 19 and set his sights on Jakub, getting past him on lap 20 for P4. On lap 23, Feggz and Mario pitted for another set of super soft tyres to take them to the end, releasing Jakub into fourth place.

Jakub decided to bin his soft tyres and fit a set of ultra softs to take him to the end. The trio of Feggz, Mario and Jakub began to chase down Faz in fifth place, with the top four running on old soft tyres with 10 laps to go. Jakub got past Mario, while Feggz pulled clear and overtook Faz on lap 29.

One lap later, Lolerz pitted for fresh ultra soft tyres, promoting DaPain into P3 and Feggz into P4. Lolerz dropped down to P8, but would have a huge pace advantage on his fresh tyres. In five corners, Lolerz managed to make up three spots to get himself into fifth place. Feggz promoted himself onto the podium by getting past DaPain, while Faz attacked Lolerz who was targeting a return to the podium after pitting.

On lap 34, DaPain was defenceless against Lolerz, who moved into P4. Moments later, disaster struck for Pimpmauser after he sustained a puncture while riding comfortably in second place. He was forced to pit, bringing Feggz into second and Lolerz back onto the podium.

On the final lap, Lolerz managed to pass Feggz for second place, but as they crossed the line, Lolerz dropped back to P5 due to a series of penalties he collected during the race. DaPain was promoted to third, but a stewards verdict reversed a time penalty he received during the race which dropped Feggz into P3 and bumped DaPain into P2.

But the star of the show was undoubtedly Joshua Burns who cruised to the finish and was all but unchallenged throughout the 36 laps. He took his first win of the season, dominating proceedings at the Red Bull Ring.

Next time out it’s the British Grand Prix, the home race for many in the field. After 8 different winners in 9 races, who knows who will come out on top.

Round 11 Dev League post race penalties

The French Grand Prix for the development league saw plenty of appeals after the event, with various penalties being handed out. Below you can see the full list of post-race penalties;

Qualifying incident between Illumi and Maldonado – No Further Action – Official warning for Illumi, please be more aware of your surroundings in future. Official warning for Maldonado, ‘bumping’ other cars in the braking zone is not permitted.

Qualifying incident between Maldonado and Simsbad – No Further Action –  The stewards felt that Maldonado did enough to get off the racing line.

Qualifying incident involving Jrocks – 2 Penalty Points for directly breaking rule C.7.1. This penalty is being delivered under rule C.9.1.

Lap 1 incident between Daan and Maldonado – No Further Action, Racing Incident.

Lap 1 incident between Joshua Burns and Bogotac – No Further Action, Racing Incident

Lap 3 incident between Daan and Mistermouse – Race Ban for Daan – B.1.1 – To be served at the next race.

Lap 23 incident between Joshua Burns and Simsbad – Qualifying ban for Simsbad – B.1.1 – To be served at the next race.

Lap 27 incident between Illumi and Jetamo – 5 Second Time Penalty and 2 Penalty Points for Illumi – A.1.2 – Time Penalty for this race.

7 Races, 7 Winners

After an outstanding race by Joshu through the streets of magical Monaco, it was time for the drivers of the MouseOne RL Dev League to leave Europe and head to the next race on the calendar, Canada. With 6 different race winners in 6 races in the dev league, there was uncertainty on the approach to the race weekend as nobody could be sure of who was going to be on the top step of the podium. JRocks, who was leading the championship, was unable to race which gave a chance for the rest of the pack to close in on him. Going in to the race, only Joshu would be able to capitalise on JRocks’ absence to overtake him in the standings by finishing 4th or higher.

Qualifying offered changeable conditions with light rain at the start, meaning no one was sure who would qualify on pole position. 10 minutes in to the qualifying session, the rain began to stop, and it was Red Bull’s Lolerz in provisional pole position. However, his time of a 1:18.4 was soon to be beaten as people began to set quick laps on the dry tyres with only 7 minutes remaining. By the end of the session it was Daan in the Sauber who was able to take pole position on the hypersoft tyres with a 1:09.204, almost two tenths faster than Joshu in the Ferrari, who lined up alongside Daan on the front row. Faz qualified third, five-tenths off his teammate Daan. However, both Faz and Joshu qualified on the ultrasoft tyre, giving them a strategical advantage for the race. Unfortunately, Lolerz got caught out in the changing conditions and could only manage 16th on the grid, over 4 seconds off the pace.

The start of the race was relatively clean for most drivers, however Cochino got caught up in some contact resulting an early exit for the Toro Rosso driver. There was also a small amount of contact between he midfield runners but no one got severe damage. On the exit turn 5, Joshu got a very good run on Daan, allowing him to overtake and bring his Ferrari into 1st position. Faz and Tunbridge lost out the most on lap 1, as Faz lost 2 positions, bringing him down to fifth, and Tunbridge lost 6 positions, sending him to the back of the field, but not for long after Simsbad spun on lap 2.

At the start of Lap 3, Sgarky overshot turn one whilst attempting to overtake Ufo, luckily not making any contact with anyone. However it resulted in him losing his rear end and going for a spin, losing him a lot of time. FeggzBTH was the first driver to pit the end of lap 3, going from the hypersoft tyres to the supersofts. Lap 8 saw both Ilumi and mistermouse pit from the hypersofts, to the ultrasofts and the supersofts respectivelty. Meanwhile, Faz, DaPain, PIMPmauser and Bogotac were cutting their ways through the field, taking advantage of tyre wear from the cars surrounding them. Lap 11 saw a struggling Daan pit from a very worn set of hypersofts to a fresh allocation of ultrasofts. The Sauber driver was the last driver to pit out of those who started on a set of hypersofts. Faz soon followed his Sauber team mate and pit at the end of lap 13 from ultrasofts to a set of supersofts. DaPain was soon to follow on the next lap, cancelling out any chance of an undercut. Meanwhile, Joshu was able to get out of battles ever since he overtook Daan on lap 1, meaning he was able to build a large gap between him and the rest of the pack until he eventually pit on lap 15 to a set of supersofts, and timed it perfectly so he would avoid traffic and stay in the lead.

Suddenly, on the exit of the final corner on lap 16, Daan, Jetamo and Tunbridge all crashed at the wall of champions from 9th 10th and 11th respectively. However, the colossal crash somehow didn’t bring out the safety car, but it did come out on Lap 19 when Sgarky tangled with Ufo on the entry to the final chicane. Unfortunately, it was not the safety car we were all hoping for, as a new glitch was found meaning many drivers were randomly disqualified. However, in MouseOne nothing will stop us from giving you all a show so the staff team decided to allow all drivers who were not out before the safety car was brought out to participate in a 25% race, starting on the tyres they were on as the safety car went out.

After a few minutes of confusion, the restart was underway with Joshu on pole, DaPain in P2 and Faz in P3. But Faz was then spun around by the Haas of Mistermouse, leaving them at the back of the field. PIMPmauser and Feggz had to make a first lap pit stop for new front wings but no one retired on lap 1 of 18.

A change of leader occurred on Lap 9 because of a disaster for Joshu, with the cause being due to another glitch, sending him to a different lobby. This left DaPain in the lead by almost 10 seconds to Bogotac. A few drivers began to make their one and only pit stops at the end of lap 9 to move on to a fresh set of tyres. More drivers made pitstops on the following lap meaning only DaPain had to pit. The Williams driver peeled into the pit lane on Lap 11, however in doing so, he sped into the pit lane which landed him a 5 second penalty, which put his lead in danger.

As the race drew to a close, Faz battled his way back to 3rd place, which marked the 4th time he finished 3rd this season. Bogotac was slowly closing in on DaPain but in the end he ran out of laps and it was not enough to stop the Williams from an unexpected victory after what happened to Joshu. After many penalties for most drivers, the top three ended up being DaPain, SyntRL and Faz, meaning Bogotac dropped from second to fourth by 2 tenths after penalties. Illumi got the fastest lap of the race with a 1:10.527 after finishing 8th place.

After taking Williams’ first points and first victory, DaPain ended up being the seventh winner in seven races, highlighting the unpredictability of the MouseOne Dev League. After a nightmare for Joshu, JRocks managed to keep his first place in the championship, even though he didn’t race. Faz moved up to 3rd in the championship standings, jumping his Sauber teammate Daan.

Heading back to Europe in France next week we have no idea what will happen, but with 7 winners after 7 races, we are certain to have an exciting race next time in the MouseOne Development League.

Prince of the Principality

After the “exciting” events of the pro league race in Monaco, and the resulting postponement of the race to next week, the Dev League prepared for a great race under the lights of a night-time Monaco.

Qualifying ended with a front-row lockout for the Prancing Horses. Jrocks and Joshu402, P1 and P2 respectively, led with a pole time of 1:09:183. Their nearest rival, Joshua Burns of Red Bull, 5 tenths behind on the second row alongside Bogotac.

A clear weather race with the top 10 all on the hyper-soft tyre started quite cleanly, however TNMO clipped the wall and many front wings were damaged further down the grid. The top 10 remained relatively unchanged from the line. Faz and Pimpmauser fell momentarily to the midfield and Lolerz fell right back after an eager divebomb on Kosmicow in the Haas.

From there, the race progressed as some drivers decided to pit, many going for the undercut on their rivals as soon as lap 2. For the rest of the first-stint phase, the gap increased between the rest of the grid and the leading pack of Joshua Burns, Jrocks and Joshu402. DNFs further down the grid included debutante Illumi and CuRsD in the Williams. The leaders’ pitstop phase started on Lap 7, when Jrocks and Joshu pitted, one lap after each other. Joshua Burns was the last of the leaders to pit on lap 9.

Jrocks was looking to extend his championship lead and Ferrari were looking to dominate the Constructors Championship; everything was looking perfect as he moved past a yet-to-pit Pimpmauser. TNMO then retired and Jrocks continued to move past many lapped cars to pursue the leader Joshua Burns.

While this fight was happening, a fight for provisional P4/5/6 was occurring between Faz, Bogotac and Mistermouse. This resulted in Mistermouse pitting and Faz executing a switch-back move to go into P4. Jrocks also pitted during this period for his final set of tires and overtook a struggling Bogotac and Faz.

On Laps 20-22 the two-stop runners, which included Joshua Burns, Faz and SyntRL jumped into the pits for their faster, last set of Ultra Softs, this brought Joshua Burns out in P2, ahead of a confused Jrocks on a older set of tires. However, both Joshua Burns and Jrocks came in again after an incident, fitting the Ultra softs.

Nearing the last 10 laps of the race, the top 3 was Joshu402, followed by Jrocks and then Joshua Burns, but this was about to change as we saw a freak accident from Jrocks at turn 3, putting him out of the race and into the wall. Leaving Pimpmauser in a highly P3 and Joshua free to a provisional P2. This was certainly a day to forget for the championship leader….

With 5 laps to go, everything seemed set for the current podium, with Pimpmauser rounding it out, but on lap 35 out of 39, he lost his front wing and had to pit after an engagement with his brakes not working into turn one. This left Faz to sneak into P3, despite having a couple of spins on the last lap. Joshua Burns scored his best ever finish in P2, rounding off an excellent race from him, and an outstanding near-grand slam from Joshu402, putting him 25 points closer to his rival and teammate Jrocks.

Heading into Canada next week we have no idea what may happen, but with 6 race winners after 6 races, we are sure of an engaging and exciting race again in the MouseOne Developmental League.

A Battle for the Ages

After an eventful Pro League race, it became time for the drivers of the mouseOne RL Dev League to take over. With Shanghai always having unpredictable weather and it not raining during the Pro League race, would this mean that the rain would show for the first time in Season 2? With JRocks leading the championship, his aim was to increase the gap to Daan in P2.

Qualifying showed us clear blue skies, with the radar saying the race would be the same. Ultimately, most of the grid decided to qualify on softs, seeing how the Pro League drivers struggled with the ultras during the race. Only Pole-Sitter Cochino (Who set a 1:31.074 to go 1 second quicker than the rest of the grid), Bogotac and Tunbridge optied to qualify on the ultras within the top 10. With the eventual top 3 being the aforementioned Cochino, Mistermouse and Lolerz in the Toro Rosso, Haas and Red Bull respectively.

The start of the race saw a relatively clean getaway for most drivers, but this didn’t last long, with contact in Turn 1 between the Mercedes of Bogotac and the Renault of PIMPMauser sending the latter into a spin. The sister car of Tunbridge also went wide and spun. As well as all this, Faz retired due to a collision with a Force India, this bought the virtual safety car out. After the restart, Lolerz tried to pounce on Cochino for the lead of the race after getting past Mistermouse at the start, unfortunately, this ended up with a net-code based collision that sent Cochino into the wall and out of the race.

At the start of Lap 2, Lolerz had yet more lag and lost the position to Mistermouse, and ultimately fell to Jrocks on Lap 3. Bogotac pitted early and this promoted the Red Bull of Joshua Burns up into P4. Jrocks got past Mistermouse on Lap 7 but had extra wear on his tyres from running in the dirty air and cutting through the field.

Lolerz decided on going for an aggressive undercut on Lap 10 after catching up to Mistermouse and JRocks. This ultimately worked out for him as after the pit stop phase he emerged out into P1, gaining massively from the fresh tyres. After this, the hunt was on for JRocks to catch up while Lolerz tried to increase the gap.
Meanwhile, the fight between Joshua Burns and TNMO for P4 was heating up, with TNMO gaining on Joshua Burns sector by sector, this culminating in TNMO getting a penalty in Turn 2 on Lap 21, and retiring on Lap 23.

Meanwhile, JRocks launched his assault on Lolerz on Lap 21, going to the inside of Turns 1 and 2, however Lolerz was able to hold on to his position. However, at the end of Lap 21 he tried to make his move again, pushing Lolerz off and giving up the position. The battle went on to the flag, with the position swapping every lap. There was a small pause-for-breath from a late VSC due to contact with Bogotac and PIMPMauser.

The battle boiled over on the final lap, as both of them were desperate for the win. Lolerz tried a last-ditch effort around the outside of turn 1, and bumped into Jrocks during Turn 3, but crucially took the lead back. Jrocks made an inspired dive into the final hairpin, moving for a gap that Lolerz tried to cover and ultimately went onto the grass. He pushed Lolerz off and they made contact again rejoining the track.

After all this, JRocks took P1 with Mistermouse P2 and Lolerz P3 after an earlier time penalty.

Although, the stewards later penalised JRocks for his hairpin move on Lap 28, and Lolerz for his Turn 3 move. Resultantly, Mistermouse won the race. So JRocks extendes his lead in the title standings and Lolerz took his first podium in a mouseOne hosted race, finishing in his starting position of P3.

A New Beginning

After the inaugural Pro League race, it soon came time for the Dev League Drivers to take to the track. With the Dev League races occurring after the Pro League, it would be interesting to see if they would employ the same race-winning strategy as Windy, or would they would try alternatives?

Disappointingly, many drivers were absent meaning that only 14 drivers with a solid connection were able to qualify and race. 

Jrocks2000 set the pace in qualifying with a 1:20.211. That would have seen him start 11th in the Pro League – a thought for many to ponder…Following the pole sitter was dUxyb, who was three and a half tenths off the pace, but was still good enough for a front row start.

Jrocks had plenty of wheel-spin off the start, but went unchallenged into 1. Duip made contact with dUxyb, meaning that a rocket start from Daan saw the Dutchman go from 8th on the grid to 2nd!

All appeared to be clean – unlike Pro, that was until the midfield arrived at Turn 5. Cochino encountered some issues and went very wide onto the grass, spinning out consequently, collecting Mistermouse and CuRsD.

After things settled down, there was a fierce battle for first position developing on track: Jrocks was leading with Daan, dUxyb and Joshu402 within 3 seconds of one another with Faz in hot pursuit!

They remained line-astern until lap 6, when dUxyb blinked first into the pitlane to fit the Soft tyres, with teammate bogtac following him in on the same lap – a double stack from Mercedes. Shortly after, Daan made an error, clipping the wall, losing him front endplates, as well as costing himself and Joshu402 time to the leader and Faz. Joshu402 moved to cover dUxyb in the pitlane whilst Daan (strangely) carried on, ignoring his wing damage despite being in the pit window. dUxyb failed to undercut Joshu402 meanwhile, jrocks had an unknown incident, and dropped a vast amount of time.

Faz emerged in P3 whilst Daan dropped 6th, behind the supersoft-starting Duip. dUxyb then had an incident on lap 9, losing endplates and that promoted Faz to 2nd – the former pitting for intermediates! The driver of Car 12 had evidently had his patience tested beyond the maximum, and ultimately retired from the race on leaving the pitlane.

Faz’s race had been flawless so far. With the current penalties of the leading cars, Faz looked set to win the first Dev League race – that was until lap 24, when a lapse in concentration saw the Sauber driver get over the exit kerb of turn 12, spinning his car into retirement. However, Joshu402 was not away scot-free, he encountered internet ‘issues’ just 1 lap later!

This left the wounded Ferrari of Jrocks and the ever-closing Daan to contest the lead. However, traffic put payed to Jrock’s hopes of winning the race, costing him too much time. So it was Daan who won the first race with Jrocks in 2nd. Bogotac had a quiet race to finish on the podium with the 2 Mclaren’s having a solid points haul in 4th and 5th, despite being quite away off the pace.

Will there be the same number of retirements for Bahrain? It awaits to be seen…

S2 Pre-Season Race (D)


The Official Pre-Season Race for Season 2 kicked off with some degree of success. Joshu was quickest and looking up for the Dev championship but who knows what could happen.

By the time the race came around a massive sigh by everyone in the chat indicated that it was indeed raining and we knew this was going to be a massive game changer.

The lights go out and Joshu streaks off into the lead. A few incidents in turn 1 but nothing of real note. However, that soon changed with Pimpmauser and Lolerz having contact which left them both with front wing damage. 
This left Pimpmauser in 6th just ahead of Joshua Burns without a front wing. This left the top 5 to begin to streak away and Joshua Burns, Jrocks, Pimpmauser and mistermouse to start up a battle which would end once Pimpmauser had come into the pits.

Lolerz began to make his way up the field and found his way up to third and sticking to the back of The Flash. Meanwhile Pimp had retired as news began to spread that the rain was coming to a stop. Everyone was getting ready for that crucial transitional period which seemed to be quickly approaching.

Out of nowhere the rain halted and we began to see some of the backmarkers take there risk for dry’s. However the front 6 could not risk it they were all waiting for the perfect time or for one of there companions to pit. 

Perzian meanwhile was slicing his way through the field from 14th to a now 9th place with Jrocks (Who had just come out of a spin) along side him. This developed into a heated battle which ended in much frustration from both drivers and has now created a massive rivalry that we are sure to see develop as the season opens.

Joshua Burns had closed the gap between himself and faz by 1.5 seconds in the transitional period and was sure to get him in the pits due to faz’s 5 second stop go penalty. The pits then rolled around and we saw the top 6 finally dive in and pick up massive amounts of time to the rest of the grid. However during the pitstop Lolerz had to change his front wing leaving Josh to double stack meaning he came out 12 seconds behind. 

The penalty’s then began to mean something as Joshu who was dominating nearly lost the lead to a chasing lolerz who had almost nothing in terms penalty’s and when the race came to a close the gap was only 1 tenth of a second. In addition Joshua and Lolerz ended up winning the pre season constructors with the consistency of the two drivers. 

Overall the rain made this race unreliable in terms of where drivers stand but from what we can see it looks like Joshu, Lolerz and The Flash are all on for the championship and Red Bull are looking to be the most consistent in terms of teams.

Season 2 Begins


With the launch of F1 2018, Season 2 of the mouseOne Racing League is upon us! After our successful debut season, and acquisition of the Online Racing Community, we’re excited to bring forth two Leagues for Season 2.
After a fair amount of shuffling in the driver market, Champion Dragonarium split with Yeltnebamus, who leaves to Toro Rosso with Klauuii. Whilst S1 runner-up, Spicey, pairs up with Meester at Ferrari. It remains to be seen what other pairings await.

S2 looks set to be one of the most competitive leagues around; with ORC Season 2 Champion, Windy, being amongst the roster. With HaZe, Brawli and GetOwned also being involved, let’s see who will kick off their season in the best way possible with victory in Melbourne.